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Our Josper

Our new gastronomic concept has as its main protagonist the Josper Grill, a combination of grill and oven that guarantees continuous work at temperatures that can reach up to 350ºC, impregnating the product with an exquisite texture thanks to the aroma of the embers.

Catalan Cuisine is its landscape in a dish

As the Catalan writer and journalist Josep Pla says: Catalan cuisine is its landscape on a plate. Here are some of our favourite Catalan cuisine dishes.

Top Beaches and Seafront Secret Spots

This rich region of Catalonia has a regional heritage that inspires its visitors with its stories of fishermen and villages that make the Costa Brava an authentic destination.

Girona’s Enchanting Small Towns

Part of the charm and uniqueness of the Girona region are the picturesque villages with their individual touch of history and culture.

Everything Sports in the Empordà Region

A diversified nature in addition to a pleasant climate almost all year round, make Empordà the perfect place for sports lovers.

The Dali Triangle

The Costa Brava is known for its natural beauty, gastronomy and rich culture; this region also has the honor of being the birthplace of renowned painter Salvador Dalí.