Our Josper

Fire, controlled and adapted by humans throughout history, is a fundamental element of gastronomy.

Thus, our Josper Grill takes up this tradition by combining grill and oven, reaching temperatures of up to 350ºC to give our top quality raw material a unique juiciness and aroma.

In addition, its exceptional, high-tech steel alloy enables it to perform continuously at such high temperatures, giving our dishes a texture that cannot be achieved with other types of oven or grill systems.

All these characteristics make our new menu a different and daring gastronomic proposal, which, together with the impressive views of the Baix Empordà, will make your visit to Tres Margarit Restaurant an exceptional event.

Opening hours Lunch: 13.00 – 17.00 Bar: 13.00 – 19.00

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Love & Dragons Escape
Alojamiento con desayuno buffet con cena 3 platos y copa de cava

Love & Dragons Escape
Accommodation with buffet breakfast with
3-course dinner and glass of cava

Love & Dragons Escape

From 222 € in any room, one night.

Buffet breakfast, glass of cava and menu.

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