Girona’s Enchanting Small Towns


Part of the charm and uniqueness of the Girona region are the picturesque villages with their individual touch of history and culture. Because of their reasonable size and extensive preservation, the Girona towns will make you travel back in time. Even though they all share the same province, the identity and customs can vary from one town to the other. We invite you to take a closer look at the enchanting small towns of the Girona province.


At about a 45-minute drive from Castell d’Empordà, this town is one of the most important and better preserved Medieval centres in the whole of Catalonia. Located in the area of Garrotxa, the outstanding scenery is characterised by Roman bridges, rivers and narrow streets. Though, what makes Besalu a truly inimitable location are the “hanging chairs”. Chairs are nailed to the walls of various buildings across the town; a curious tradition that has attracted many visitors throughout the years.


Its authentic gothic style architecture and castle ruins make Monells an exceptional location. Only 15 minutes away from Castell d’Empordà, the town can be visited by foot or bicycle. Monells is surrounded by beautiful and majestic nature and was once the home of respected barons, kings and queens.


Although Cadaques is probably the most visited town in the province of Girona, it still authentically lives and breathes the fisherman spirit. Its historic center is recognized for its uneven cobbled streets and its white houses. This town is in the easternmost point of Spain, but is especially known today for one of its previous inhabitants: Salvador Dali. The house of the painter has now been transformed into a museum, located at one hour driving from Castell d’Empordà.


Many say that the streets of this charming town are some sort of labyrinth. The reason is that in its medieval past various secret passages and small bridges were created. Make sure to just get lost in the streets to really admire the uniqueness and beauty of Peratallada. Your will find yourself surrounded by flowers everywhere, adding an element of sweetness to the bold and antic structures of the town. Peratallada is located at only 15 minutes away from Castell d’Empordà.

Calella de Palafrugell

Located 25 minutes away from Castell d’Empordà, Calella de Parafurgell is considered to be one of the jewels of the Empordà region. For locals it is one of the most treasured destinations as it has been preserved in its original shape and since it was not affected by the many years of mass tourism in the region. This fisherman’s town has small waterside creeks alongside its bay, and during summer you have the opportunity to enjoy concerts hosted at the Cap Roig Botincal Garden.

There is no question that Girona, its captivating culture and history will always find a way to surprise you. Immerse yourself in a world of discovery and fascination at Castell d’Empordà, a thousand year-old castle combining modern-day design and comfort

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