Castell d’Empordà

Castell d’Empordà is a 4-star hotel on the Costa Brava. It has 57 bedrooms that combine all the magic a thousand-year old castle has to offer together with modern-day design and comfort. Decorated with furniture and textiles carefully chosen by its owners during their travels around the world, our clients relish the warmth and welcome that characterize the hotel. Our restaurant offers a delicious gastronomy based on the interpretation of classical dishes prepared using local and seasonal fresh products.

Castell d’Empordà stands on a property that covers nearly 12 hectares, studded with olive trees and oak, plus a fantastic swimming pool offering panoramic views.

Promotions & Getaways

Summer Escape

Enjoy the summer in Hotel Castell d´Empordá

Special offer room with breakfast and lunch in Restaurant Tres Margarit at an amazing price.

Dalí Experience

Includes room with breakfast, ticket Gala Dalí Castle, a glass of Cava and a 4-course Dali dinner


Love & Dragons Escape

Breakfast buffet, daily a glass of cava & 3-course dinner



The History of the Castle

History is dead when you cannot relive it. Therefore Castell d’Empordà is a much more interesting guardian of Spanish cultural heritage than those inaccessible private castles and often static museums. During your stay at Castell d’Empordà you will be impregnated with its past automatically. Not during lectures but just by staying in and around the hotel, enjoying conversation, good food and excellent wines.

“I am a strong believer that one thing leads to another. I like design, which is a kind of timeless and soulful. From now but always connecting with past history and beautiful nature, that surrounds us. A happy comfy place where people can connect with each other enjoying food and drinks. I am not into nostalgia but it´s important to be conscious, you can´t erase history. ” 

Albert Diks – Owner of Castell D’Empordà

Hotel Castell d'Empordà
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Please, be informed that the Hotel Castell d'Empordà is closed to the public from the 20/10/2019 until the 06/04/2020. For any questions, enquiries or requests we will be available from our offices from 09.00 to 17.00 ( Monday to Friday), except during the Christmas period (24/12/19 to 06/01/2020).
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