Top Beaches and Seafront Secret Spots

The Spanish Costa Brava is all about sun, hidden beaches and beautiful “calas”, translated as waterway creeks. The diverse nature offers adventurous walking paths with stunning sunrises and sunsets to admire for hours. The striking region in Catalonia features inspiring heritage and curious fisherman stories. This list of beaches and secret sea front spots will introduce you to the culture and natural beauty of the Costa Brava.

Playa de Portitxol

Within a quick drive of 30 minutes from Castell d’Empordà you can find yourself at Playa de Portitxol, located in the L’Escala Province. This accessible beach is a great destination for families and everyone looking for an easy seaside destination. A variety of small restaurants and shops can be found in the surroundings, making it easy to plan for a comfortable day at the beach. Even though Playa de Portitxol might appear as an ordinary beach, its best kept secret can be found right underneath the sea level. Here you will be able to swim right next to the ruins of the historic Greek Harbour of Empuries.

Cala Jugadora

This destination was admired by the one and only Salvador Dali. Walking down a small winding path for 30 minutes is needed to arrive at this unique beach. But the journey is totally worth it. The name Cala Jugadora, meaning Playfull Creek, is appropriately chosen for this seaside location, as the surrounding cliffs and hills help in creating soft and clear waters. With such a unique environment, there is no wonder why this beach is one of the most protected natural areas of the region.

Playa de Sant Pere Pescador

Even during high season this beach will never disappoint: with an approximate length of 40 kilometers of sand there is enough space for everyone. The Playa de Sant Pere Pescador is one of the biggest sand beaches of the Costa Brava, and only a 40-minute drive from Castell d’Empordà. With a usual presence of wind, this beach is an all-time favorite for kite suffers.

Cala Futadera

Known as the “Cala of 300 steps”, this is the beach of the locals. Set one hour away by car from Castell d’Empordà, this “cala” shows the true essence of the Costa Brava. In a landscape of pine trees and rocks, the clear water and sun will truly make you feel connected with nature. However, we must advise that this beach is not recommendable for people with vertigo as walking paths are generally located next to cliffs.

Playa de Es Castell

This beach, today known for its natural beauty, was saved in 1994 from being converted into a golf course area. Its landscape and views have been the inspiration of many postcards and images of the Costa Brava region. With its breezy vibe and easy access, this beach is not to be missed. Reach Playa de Es Castell within just a short ride of 40 minutes from Castell d’Empordà.

Castell d’Empordà, an exceptional location

The uniqueness of the location and surroundings of Castell d’Empordà, can make the discovery of the Costa Brava a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience. Find yourself staying at a thousand-year-old castle with the delights of the culture and impressive nature of the Costa Brava.

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