Avis légal

Legal notice and conditions of use of website

  1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to establish and control the regulations for the use of the www.hotelcastellemporda.com pages (hereinafter “Web”), where Web is understood to be all the pages and content copyright of Hotel Castell del Remei S.L . By means of this web, Castell del Remei S.L (hereinafter “HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA”) aims to provide information to its customers and potential customers, to run the customer loyalty programme, to manage the reservation of rooms, or of any other service which at that moment is deemed fitting to the correct achievement of its social goals.

The use of this page, together with the services which are made available to the user through this page, implies the total unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general conditions contained in this Legal Notice (hereinafter the “General Conditions”), and therefore the user should be aware of the importance of reading such conditions each time he/she visits the web. Access to the Web implies the understanding and acceptance of the following General Conditions and therefore HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA recommends that the user prints or downloads and reads in detail such conditions each time he/she accesses this Web.

  1. General information

The owner of the www.hotelcastellemporda.com is HOTEL CASTELL Del REMEI S.L. with registered address at La Bisbal , Carretera Castell d’Emporda s/n ; registered in the Commercial Registry of  Girona al T 1654, L 0 , F15, S 8 ,H number GI-27531 , and  C.I.F. B17662602


  1. Use of the website

In accepting the present General Conditions, the user agrees to use this Web and the services available through the web, in the manner and form therein established. The user is thereby obliged not to use the Web and its services for wrongful purposes and/or purposes contrary to those established in the General Conditions, which might be prejudical to the rights and/or interests of third parties or which may in any way damage or prevent the correct opeation of the services offered or to be offered in the future through the web.

  1. Scope of the website. user liability

The page www.princess-hotels.com is included in this Web.

Access to this Web is the exclusive responsibility of the users. The risks derived from the use of the Web by the user shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA shall not be responsible for any possible damage or loss which may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer virus, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operating of the electronic system caused for reasons beyond the control of HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA; for delays or bottlenecks in the use of this electronic system caused as a result of deficiencies or surges in the Data Processing Centre, telephone lines, Internet system or other electronic systems; neither for any damage which may be caused by third parties as a result of trespass beyond the control of PRINCESS HOTELS.

In addition, HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA is hereby exonerated from any liability whatsoever for damages or harm caused to users as a result of error, defect or omission of the information provided by HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA from outside sources.

  1. Updating and modification of information

Any information appearing on the Website is current as of the date of its latest update. HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained on the Website, as well as to limit or prohibit access to such.

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA reserves the right to carry out all changes or modifications it considers appropriate at any time and without prior notice.

  1. Content.

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA shall make all efforts to avoid any type of error in the content of its Website. HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA does not guarantee, nor shall be liable for any consequences arising from a mistake in the contents appearing on the Website provided by others.

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA shall not be liable in any way for the information, commercial activity, products or services included on the Website that are provided through electronic links, either directly or indirectly through the Website. The presence of links on the HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA Website, except when specifically stated otherwise, shall be exclusively intended as informative and in no event imply a suggestion, invitation or recommendation. Links do not represent a relationship of any kind between HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA and the companies or persons that own the websites that may be accessed via such links. HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA reserves the rightunilaterally withdraw a link from its Website at any time and without prior notice.

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA reserves the right to impede or prohibit access to the Website to any user of Internet that inserts information considered to be illegal or immoral, and reserves the right to take the legal action it deems appropriate in order to avoid this type of practice.

  1. Navigating, access and safety

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA shall make all possible efforts to ensure that navigating can be performed under the best possible conditions and to avoid any type of damage that may occur during such.

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from the use of other navigators or different versions to those for which the Website has been designed.

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA is not liable for, nor guarantees uninterrupted and error-free access to the Website or to the contents of the accessible software available, nor shall it be considered liable for error or cause of damage.

  1. Data protection

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA informs its Website users that it complies with current legislation relating to data protection and, specifically the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica) 03/18, dated 5 December on Personal Data Protection, as well as all other related provisions, thereby adopting the technical and organizational means required to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorised access and theft of any personal data provided through the Website, as the case may be, and taking into account the state of technology, nature of the data and risks to which it is exposed.

In compliance with the data protection regulations HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA informs you that HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA A.I.E. is responsible for the personal data. The owner of the data has the right of access at all times to them, so that they can exercise their rights of rectification, deletion, opposition and other rights, in the terms set out in the data protection legislation. For this purpose, you can write to the address of HOTEL CASTELL DEL REMEI., with registered office at Carretera Castell d’Emporda S/N  · C.P. 17100 · a Bisbal d’Emporda (Girona ), or send an e-mail to: info@hotelcastellemporda.com with the data protection control authority. HOTEL CASTELL DEL REMEI S.L , guarantees that it has adopted the appropriate security measures in its facilities, systems and files.

  1. Use of cookies

Access to the Website may imply the use of cookies, both on Website pages as well as links and references. Users that do not wish to receive Cookies or require information on the existence of such, may configure their navigator accordingly.

  1. Intellectual property and publishing rights

HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA hereby declares that, if not stated otherwise on the Website, all text, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video segments, sound segments and other materials appearing on the Website, as well as all other materials on the Website and any other intellectual creations and/or inventions or scientific and technical discoveries, whatever their commercial or industrial application (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) have been created or invented by HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA

All users hereby undertake not to eliminate nor alter any distinguishing features used on the Website, such as but not limited to trademarks, business names (graphics, logos, etc.), copyright and all other information identifying the rights of HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA or other owners appearing on the Website.

In addition, HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA shall own all rights on works of art, inventions, discoveries, patents, ideas, concepts, updates and enhancements relating to the Website or its systems, applications and programs,  either solely or with the assistance of a Website user during, or as a result of whatever design, development or any other activity performed in accordance with the Contract.

Users are not authorised to use any of the trademark names, symbols, logos or distinguishing features owned by HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA without its prior and written consent.

Should any user or other person consider any part of the Website Content to be an infringement of his/her publishing or intellectual property rights, they are requested to notify HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA at the following address: Carretera Castell d’Emporda s/n , La Bisbal d’Emporda , 17100, Girona

  1. Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

The Provisions relating to Use of the Website contained in this Agreement are governed by the Laws of Spain. HOTEL CASTELL D’EMPORDA and all users of the Website hereby agree that any dispute that may arise in relation to the interpretation, compliance and/or implementation of the regulations contained herein shall be expressly subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, thereby renouncing any other jurisdiction that may be applicable.