More than a thousand years of history come together in ancient Girona, which extends around the single nave cathedral and the alleyways of the Jewish Quarter. The past and the beauty of the city attract more and more tourists. Girona thanks its growing popularity partly to the increased number of routes that connect the Girona – Costa Brava airport with almost every important European city.

Especially Ryanair is responsible for this development, bringing millions of tourists to Girona each year. A lot of them visit the city with its Arabian baths, beautiful boulevards or the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants. These and other attractions makes Girona a required stop for any tourist, offering a wide range of possibilities.

The distance from Castell to Girona is 30 km. This is about 40 minutes by car.

Where to shop?

We like to share our favourite shopping addresses with you. Looking for something particular? We may know the best place where to get that. Just ask us.

  1. For nice brand clothes visit D’Spiral and DobleD in Girona
  2. A lot of beautiful antique stuff awaits you at ESPAI B in La Bisbal
  3. Flors Muntana in the old part of La Bisbal does magic with flowers
  4. You find Catalunya’s biggest selection of wines at Grau in Palafrugell
  5. At Vilaclara in La Bisbal they make the traditional pottery of this area

Other must-sees