Suite Pere Margarit

a castle suite with a classic living area

• 80 m² • Max. 3 persons
• King size bed • Classical living area
• Extra bed for 3rd person • 40” flatscreen TV
• French window • DVD player (free movie library)
• Original Victorian Bath tub • Located in the Castle
• Walk-In Shower • Pool & Garden view

The famous designer Bart van Bekhoven created a majestic ambiance for the exclusive Suite Pere Margarit, named after a colleague of Christopher Columbus, Pere Margarit, who once owned Castell d’Empordà.

Beautiful objects that originally belonged to the Margarit family and other historical references, like a Victorian bath tub, are the perfect ingredients for a romantic stay. To discover or celebrate new horizons in your relationship.

Castle Rooms

authentic castle rooms built with traditional materials

• 28 m² • Max. 3 persons
• Double or Twin beds • 32” flatscreen TV
• Extra bed for 3rd person • DVD player (free movie library)
• Bath tub with shower • Located in the Castle
• Garden & Mountain view

The decoration of the Castle Rooms tastefully blends Spanish history with exquisite materials from all over the world. You will experience the warm castle interiors that we used to express the sensation of bygone days, as well as ornaments and paintings that the proprietors collected during their travels.

The rooms are located close to the hotel’s restaurant and bar. Moreover, the rooms offer stunning views of the Ampurdàn countryside.

Garden Suites

contemporary rooms with a high level of luxury

• 58 m² • Max. 4 persons
• Double or Twin beds • Living Area
• Sofa bed (140×200) for 3rd/4th person • 42” flatscreen TV
• Large balcony 9 m² • DVD player (free movie library)
• Tub for 2 with panoramic view • Elevator to rooms
• Walk-In Shower • Located in the garden
• Stunning views

The Garden Suites with fantastic view of the Ampurdàn countryside, have all the luxury and comfort for a relaxing stay. The large luxurious bathroom is inspired by the oriental hammam, with lots of marble and a tub for two with panoramic views.

The famous Spanish interior designer, Cristina Gabàs, has used the typical colours of Ampurdàn to give the suites the extraordinary sensation of being part of the landscape, even with the balcony doors closed.

Garden Rooms

contemporary rooms with a traditional twist

• 30 m² • Max. 3 persons
• Double or Twin beds • 26” – 40” flatscreen TV
• Sofa or extra bed voor 3rd person • DVD player (free movie library)
• Balcony or veranda 7 m² • Elevator to rooms
• Bath tub with shower • Located in the garden
• Garden & Mountain view

On the lower part of the ample garden with olive groves and oak woods. The hotel houses the Garden Rooms that merge modern comfort with classic elements and a natural touch.

The oak floors and the colors used refer to the world outside. All Garden Rooms have private balconies to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Dalí Rooms

contemporary rooms with balcony

• 24 m² • Max. 2 persons
• Double or Twin beds • 26” – 40” flatscreen TV
• Balcony or veranda 7 m² • DVD player (free movie library)
• Walk in shower • Elevator to rooms
• Garden & Mountain view • Located in the garden

Dear guests, new Dalí rooms

As we develop our new project there are no specific philosophies or trends that we hold on to. Resourceful as we are, our casual chic hotel is always build on the same elements that we value in life: creativity, comfort, history, nature and humor.

First this, in 1970 Salvador Dalí was looking for a castle for his muse Gala. His first choice was the old castle Castell d´Empordà in La Bisbal, just before the contract was signed Dalí proposed to the seller to pay with his art. However, the owner, Don Miquel Arpa*, refused and bought the castle of Púbol.

The ambiance in the Dali wing will be an ode to the glamorous 1970 era of the Costa Brava., with art and photos from that period. Celebrating local art, fine food and joie de vivre will inspire you to discover this beautiful area with its beaches, restaurants and museums. The design of the rooms, pool, gardens and surroundings will fit seamlessly in our idea of eclectic chic.

As always with a smile,

Albert and Margo Diks

*In the year 2000 when we bought Castell d´Empordà the same owner Señor Arpa said that not selling the castle to Dali for art was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life. In 1970 the value of Dali art was already sky-high.

Garden Rooms without balcony

contemporary rooms with a traditional twist

• 24 m² • Max. 2 persons
• Double or Twin beds • 26” – 32” flatscreen TV
• Bath tub with shower • DVD player (free movie library)
• French Windows • Located near the swimming pool

The hotel houses the Garden Rooms that merge modern comfort with classic elements and a natural touch. These rooms have all the comfort that the Castell d’Empordà stands for.

The oak floors and the colors used refer to the world outside.

Tower Rooms

castle room with a great view

• 18 m² • Max. 2 persons
• Double bed (135cm.) • 20” – 26” flatscreen TV
• Walk-In Shower • DVD player (free movie library)
• Narrow staircase to rooms • Located in the Tower
• 360º degree view of the Ampurdàn

Are you an adventurer? Not afraid of heights and in reasonable physical condition? Then our Tower Rooms might be perfect for you. Despite limited space, these rooms have all the comfort that the Castell d’Empordà stands for and offer a 360 degree view of the Ampurdàn.

You can even see the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. That will be your daily bonus for climbing the safe, but narrow staircase up to your temporary heaven.

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